Below is a select series of projects I've worked on, but is not everything. Additional examples can be provided upon request.


Introducing the RealPad by AARP, Launched in 2014


• Art Direction • Concept Ideation • UX/UI Design • Visual Design


Complete with built-in video tutorials to help those who are new to digital technology, I designed the user interface (UI) used within the Android operating system’s user experience via the toolbar addon.

Designing for Seniors was a challenge, so the UI followed web content accessibility guidelines with good contrast, and we opted in for bigger touch target areas with large icons and font sizes. This was all in an effort to assist first-time Senior Citizen users in learning how to use their tablet quickly & increasing their confidence and comfort levels with technology. I designed the icon sets for the UI to be used on the RealPad toolbar addon.


Along with UI design and the implementation of UX best practices, I created a user-friendly product manual for the AARP Realpad (referred to as the RealGuide in packaging) to support technology adoption and onboarding via print materials.


This project was successfully launched while working for Zingarr Sales & Marketing, which launched the RealPad in partnership with AARP.